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A Look at Rescript

3 min read

2021 January 3rd

In this post, we are going to take a look at Rescript . Rescript is a language that compiles down to JavaScript, basically. You can call it a TypeScript alternative. Rescript is also: Faster than… Read More...

Welcome 2021, Days Ahead

3 min read

2021 January 1st

2021 here we come! I bet the fireworks show that you saw from those frosted windows was ooozing. And don't forget that the flat tire in the back of the lawn actually is a remaining artifact and that… Read More...

Remembering The Days, Last Waves to 2020

5 min read

2020 December 24th

Happy Holidays from Nano! Let's take these last few days before the end of the year to reflect upon the year. 2020 started off with a blast with the ongoing pandemic and furious decisions having to… Read More...

Introduction to p5.js

3 min read

2020 October 7th

Welcome to the offical Nano series on p5.js! In the next few posts, we will be looking at creative coding with a library. Now, what do I mean by creative coding? Well, maybe you have passion for art… Read More...

Vue 3 Released!

5 min read

2020 September 30th

Vue 3 has been released! Check it out:! In this post, I just want to give an overview of Vue 3 in general of some of the basic changes in Vue 3. Alright let's begin. Setup To begin our… Read More...

Creating a Local Storage JS Library

5 min read

2020 September 11th

In this post we will create a Local Storage library with JavaScript to allow us to utilize the Local Storage API much easier. We will be using EcmaScript Modules in the browser, meaning import/export… Read More...

Understanding HTTP

11 min read

2020 August 17th

Introduction Did you know that the moment you open your web browser, you begin to use HTTP. Well, in this post we will be looking at how HTTP works. We will cover topics such as: HTTP Requests… Read More...

01 - Let's Debug

2 min read

2020 August 13th

Welcome to Debugging! This series is aimed at for us to start understanding errors that we see in our normal projects, but really don't learn from. So, look at the code below. What is wrong with it… Read More...

Basic Deno Features

4 min read

2020 August 11th

Deno is a secure JavaScript server-side runtime which is written on Rust was released not too long ago. Before and after it was released, we had all this "content" on YouTube saying that Node.js is… Read More...

Install Deno on your Machine

1 min read

2020 August 10th

Let's learn how to install Deno. Deno is a secure JavaScript server-side runtime which is written on Rust was released not too long ago. Now, you could just head over to to read on how to… Read More...

Color Pallette Generator | GLib

10 min read

2020 August 4th

In this blog post, we will tackle the function RandomColor() provided by GLib to create a Color Pallette Generator . Before you do this project, I suggest you check out my overview on GLib so you… Read More...

GLib JavaScript Library Overview

3 min read

2020 August 1st

In this blog post, we take a look at the JavaScript library known as GLib . So let's not waste any words and get started. Getting Started Now, to get started, initially you would have to download the… Read More...

Introduction to OS Dev

4 min read

2020 July 13th

Welcome to the OS Development Series. The title might be a bit of a letdown, but don't worry, this series will be going far unlike my in progress TypeScript series of posts. So, if you worked with… Read More...

TypeScript - 06 - Enums

7 min read

2020 July 8th

In this post, we will be looking at a feature of TypeScript which exists in many other programming languages, but JavaScript lacks this feature. If this feature existed in JavaScript, then Redux would… Read More...

TypeScript - 05 - Tuples

3 min read

2020 July 7th

While array's are very helpful in JavaScript, and with the added functionality of TypeScript and adding type checking, we are able to do achieve much more out of a simple array. But sometimes, we… Read More...

TypeScript - 04 - Array

3 min read

2020 July 3rd

We have already looked at how we can use strings , numbers , and booleans in TypeScript. But our programs consist of much more than that. In this tutorial, we will talk about Arrays in TypeScript… Read More...

TypeScript - 03 - Basic Types

4 min read

2020 July 2nd

In the precious article we went over installing the tsc tool on our system. For that tool to be worth anything let's learn some TypeScript. Remember, if you need to run any of the TypeScript code… Read More...

TypeScript - 02 - Installation

2 min read

2020 July 1st

In the previous tutorial we went over a quick introduction to TypeScript and a quick benefit of TypeScript. In this tutorial, I will show you how we can install TypeScript to our system and use the… Read More...

TypeScript - 01 - Introduction

2 min read

2020 June 2nd

Welcome to Typescript I am so glad that you decided to click on this post to learn about TypeScript. It is an honor to learn typescript. Anyway, in this blog series of tutorials I will teach you… Read More...

Flask Calculator Tutorial

8 min read

2020 May 4th

If you know of my YouTube Channel, Nano Education , then you probably know about the video I created that is one of my most popular ones on creating a simple basic Calculator with Flask. Now the… Read More...

Meet NSSX. A New Styling Language

2 min read

2020 April 2nd

All this time, we have been wasting our time writing CSS for our websites. Admit It Now, let's admit it. CSS is completely useless for our daily lives. There is no purpose in writing CSS. All it does… Read More...

ANNOUNCEMENT: NanRadio is Live!

1 min read

2020 March 20th

The wait is finally over! NanRadio is officially live with 2 whole songs. You may think that 2 songs is nothing, but just you wait for more. This playlist is perfect for anyone who wanted to walk in… Read More...

Learn Rust | Hello World

3 min read

2020 January 16th

Rust is a programming language that I wanted to tackle learning for so long. So instead of just learning it myself, I decided to learn it with the community. I don’t know how long these tutorials… Read More...

Good Bye 2019

1 min read

2020 January 1st

I just want to quickly write: Good Bye 2019. 2019 was a good/bad year and it was different for all of us. I hope everyone a great rest of the years, and New Years to those living in different time… Read More...

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